(t)here is (ho)me

A collection of photos – refined reflections of memories.

There is no need to explain the photos more than what has been done below. Any attempt to do so would probably open up for misinterpretation. Instead the pictures are left for the viewer to interpret and if we meet I'll gladly share the memories reflected in this exhibition. 

The pictures might be more personal and descriptive than you think.


On assignment, a brief moment of peace in between early mornings and a hectic schedule.


Colors of the midnight sun in the mountains around Björkliden in northern Sweden. 


Early morning in solitude during a family trip to the beloved Greece. 


View from a tent in Lofoten. Tranquility and mindfullness at it's best.


Window seat while driving around the amazing island of La gomera


On assignment, remembered as a dynamic trip and memories filled with joy. 



Be kind, always